Our Talent is Strategy

Whether you need to increase the sale of your products or increase the awareness of your brand, Red Letter can create marketing that moves the needle. You see, our creativity is built on strategy. We start by looking at the goal of the assignment – and then we never take our eyes off it. This ensures that our end tactics are highly effective and use your time and budget in the most efficient way.


You don’t need content. You need GREAT content. We know how to get a potential customer’s attention – and keep it.


We don't focus solely on new technology; we tell you how we can use the right technology to grow your business.


We maximize every media dollar. We use research and reasoning to ensure the message reaches the right audience.

Red Letter Communications

Discovery + Definition

Every project needs a solid foundation. During Discovery phases we focus on understanding the root of the business or communication challenge and establish strategic goals and requirements using our best ideas. Our team researches your audiences and users, analyzes data and establishes an understanding of your situation. It doesn’t make sense to rush out and design the “perfect” solution before having a thorough definition of the problem. We take steps to ensure the marketing communications investments our clients make are likely to make a positive impact on their businesses.

Red Letter Communications

Design & Development

We have a thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses, market and requirements. This provides us a path to create a GREAT idea of what we need to do to affect change and make a difference for our clients. Our skilled creative, design and development teams work with our clients to create the best solution. We invite all those involved to share ideas and uncover weaknesses to improve the work we deliver. Our multi-disciplined teams will work hand-in-hand with key stakeholders maintaining a holistic view of the project.

Red Letter Communications

Deployment + Measurement

Thoroughness is key. Our Quality and Compliance Department analyzes every detail before projects are delivered and deployed. Our QC team ensures projects are on strategy and meet legal or regulatory standards. Together we make sure that all work has been completed. The project is close to becoming “real” – we work hard to make sure the deployment strategy and delivery will translate into success. We track and measure key performance indicators and make necessary tweaks to plans and project to optimize results.