Jan 2017

Case Study: Launching a Specialized Product in a B2B Marketing Environment

Launching new products is never simple. If you’re a business-to-business company, this is especially true. There are several unique factors to consider and no instruction manual to help you through B2B marketing. The best you can do is draw upon the experience of others and extrapolate.

At Red Letter, we pool our 35 years of B2B marketing experience with the client’s industry knowledge to create a custom approach. This is what we did for Alan Wire.

Alan Wire is a 41-year-old wire manufacturer based in Sikeston, Missouri. Known largely as a niche player in the very large domestic copper building wire market, Alan Wire looked to expand into the aluminum wire market. They reached out to Red Letter in early 2016 asking for our help with rolling out a new product line: Aluminum wire.


The B2B Marketing Product Launch

A significant consolidation in the industry created a unique opportunity for Alan Wire to consider expanded capacity and a wider range of products for future growth. One of its primary challenges was to build a successful marketing approach that would allow Alan Wire to broaden market exposure and consumer acceptance, yet maintain the “below-the-radar screen” approach that has driven much of its current success. Alan Wire realized there was a story to tell; they simply needed a plan that effectively accomplished it.

Knowing Alan Wire’s customer base is very narrow, we crafted a hyper-focused, soft rollout to current customers. The first step was to get all its third party sales representatives on board. This was accomplished with a custom presentation that featured details of the aluminum product rollout. This presentation was live streamed to all sales representatives. We encouraged the sales team to push current and prospective customers to for more information.

Alan Wire Aluminum B2B Marketing

This microsite, which launched on June 20th, housed a video, spec sheets, and a listing of sales agents. We offered Alan Wire’s distributors, sales representatives and customers an interactive platform to explore and engage with these new aluminum products. A secondary benefit of the microsite was an elevation of the Alan Wire brand. The company looked modern and professional, which conveyed the image of a confident, large-scale manufacturer ready to compete at a national level.

Alan Wire Aluminum B2B Marketing



Alan Wire established the goal to sell 50,000 pounds of aluminum over the first six weeks of the campaign. After just four weeks, 45,000 pounds were sold, reaching 90% of its goal with the expectation of surpassing the goal after six weeks.

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