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Red Letter and Biovante began work in 2013 on rebranding their product catalog and assisting their sales team with customer conversion. Part of that strategy was a complete redesign of their website. At that time, their site was dated, optimized and was not serving a specific function for their business other than offering product information — some of which was out of date.

Design + Develop

Red Letter took special care in rebranding the Biovante product catalog. Before, each Biovante product had its own logo, color palette and style. This was counter-intuitive to how Biovante wanted its products sold: multiple products sold together as a program. Red Letter identified the primary product groups and re-designed each product to better emphasize this program strategy. This also helped website navigation and information architecture, giving the site a logical product hierarchy and helping customers find what they are looking for more quickly.

To assist the sales team, Red Letter re-designed to be a conversion funnel. It continued to offer product information, but also gave a user path for new customers to determine if Biovante is right for them. A quick assessment gave these customers an opportunity to see how Biovante can save them money. It’s an approach that has yielded more qualified leads for the sales staff.


Red Letter designed the site to be responsive on any device. A grower sitting in the combine could take our assessment right from their phone during down time.

This website has several opportunities to inform Red Letter about the customer. The multi-stage assessment gives us an insight to what customers find the most interesting and what hangs them up (i.e. keeps them from completing the assessment). We can also break down what device they are browsing from, how they are entering the site and what time of day they are watching. Because our customers are all growers or related to farming operations, this traffic gives us valuable insight into our target audience.

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