Bootheel Babies & Families

Discover + Define

In December 2014, Red Letter Communications engaged with the Missouri Foundation for Health to provide a communication strategy for Bootheel Babies and Families, which is an infant mortality reduction initiative spearheaded by Missouri Bootheel Regional Consortium and Bootheel Network for Health Improvement to inspire, motivate, and mobilize communities to fight to ensure babies in Southeast Missouri can celebrate their first birthday.

The goal of this collaborative effort is to reduce the very high infant mortality rate by 15% over 10 years by educating families and communities about how they are impacted by the issue and encouraging them to take action.

Design + Develop

After our initial discovery meeting with the two backbone organizations, we determined we needed to create a logo for the initiative and begin working on an integrated campaign designed to generate awareness and get people to attend a round-table event where they learn about the situation and how they can help.

In early 2015, we created a 6-color, stylized logo featuring a silhouette of a baby blowing out a candle. Campaign materials featured dramatic photos of a newborn baby and large info-graphics of the startling statistics.



We deployed flyers, brochures, direct mail, landing page, videos, radio commercials, press release, social assets, and event materials.

The goal was 240 attendees to the four events and 20 steering committee members. The events garnered 222 attendees and over 40 steering committee offers. That’s a 92.5% attendance success rate.


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