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In 2016, a small nutritional supplement company called VEINZ contacted Red Letter in need of branding materials. After a few conversations, it became clear they needed a new brand identity that aligned with who they were as a company.

Their existing name, VEINZ, did not accurately convey the unique benefit of their products: transparency. The supplements they produce include all ingredients and dosages on the provided nutritional information. This is very unique in the supplement industry, known for its lack of transparency and “proprietary formulas”.

We renamed the company Clean Victory. This approach puts the transparency message front in center with the name of the company. Clean Victory is both a promise of ingredient honesty and a critique of competitor “shadiness”.

Design + Development

Red Letter then identified the company’s target customer: fitness enthusiasts aged 25-50, who micro-manage their body. They are well educated and familiar with many of the ingredients used in Clean Victory products. They are also more affluent and willing to pay more for exactly what they are looking for.

Red Letter then designed a logo and brand platform that resonated with our target customer. The brand conveys strength, honesty and precision. In short, we created a brand that respects its customers and trusts them to make informed decisions about how Clean Victory products fit into their lifestyle. We don’t exaggerate, which is seen throughout the supplement industry.

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