Frontier Reserve

Discover + Define

Frontier Meats is the last remaining meat processing plant in Fort Worth, Texas near the famous stockyards. They process small batches of high quality, hand-cut and hand-packed meat ranging from boar and bison to USDA Prime and wagyu beef. In the fall of 2014, Frontier Meats reached out to Red Letter seeking help telling the unique story of their brand.

After a thorough discovery phase where in we developed a shared frame of reference outlining the strengths, weaknesses, goals and opportunities for the company, Red Letter developed a go-to-market strategy for Frontier Meats’ value-added beef product line, specifically all natural and all natural/aged. Frontier’s goal was to target high-end restaurants initially and then once the brand is established target retail, food service and generate online leads.

Design + Development + Measurement

Red Letter developed a new brand identity for this line of products called Frontier Reserve, which connotes high-end and premium much like “reserve wine” does. A new logo, tagline, packaging designs, and sales collateral were created to rollout the new brand.

The materials created elevated the brand and put Frontier Reserve on the radar of several large players in the industry. Red Letter also created a responsive website which launched with the new brand.


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Frontier Reserve