Discover + Define

Havco is the number one manufacturer of composite flooring in North America. As a market leader, they needed a website that reinforced their status. Red Letter worked with Havco to identify the website’s core purposes: discovery, conversion and support. We then began the UX (user experience) design of the new site around those purposes.

Design + Develop

Through the website, Red Letter wanted to convey two key brand traits: professionalism and excellence. By showcasing the people and facilities in bold, attention-grabbing photography, we convey that Havco is experienced and differentiated by its quality manufacturing. The site itself is clean, easy to navigate and is responsive to desktop, tablet and mobile screen sizes.

The development process worked in tandem with a photo shoot, acquiring the images that best told the Havco story. Knowing what web pages we needed ahead of time allowed us to get the right photos. The end result was a consistently branded, photo-rich website from top to bottom.


Havco.com was built with multiple user paths to key information. The top navigation is the primary way to find information, however, there is also a bottom navigation that poses questions – addressing customers who may not know what they are looking for. The site traffic is currently being analyzed for usage patterns.

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