Real People, STIHL People


As a worldwide leader in outdoor power equipment, STIHL is known for its power, performance and dependability. But it is also known for its amazing culture of dedicated users and avid fans. This campaign celebrates those individuals who define themselves through STIHL, and who help define the STIHL brand through their amazing stories.


Results have been overwhelmingly positive, with hundreds of fans adding their stories as the campaign has rolled out.

Importing into America since the 1930s and manufacturing in America since 1974, STIHL has inspired a passionate and devoted following of enthusiasts whom, whatever their background, depend on the quality, power and innovation that STIHL products provide. “These people have remained brand loyal to STIHL over the years, and they have helped to make STIHL the number one selling brand of gasoline-powered handheld outdoor power equipment in America,”* said Jackson D’Armond, marketing communications manager for STIHL, Inc.


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