Jul 2018

Red Letter Reunited in One Facility

After some three years operating out of separate facilities, Red Letter has completed a remodel and relocation to the Regent’s Parc building on North Kingshighway in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The move represents the sixth facility the agency has operated from in 38 years in business.  Jim Riley, CEO, admitted to a certain amount of heartache at leaving downtown, but says “we are really thrilled at the idea of coming together and operating from a comfortable, highly functional and very attractive facility.”

Bruce Robert, president of Red Letter, helped coordinate the remodel and says, “I am delighted with the results. Anytime you embark on something like this, it can be a challenge, but we have a smart, very attractive space and we’re already seeing the positive effects in the attitude of the staff.”

When visiting Red Letter, please remember to use the back entrance of the Regent’s Parc building at 1610 North Kingshighway.  Red Letter is located in Suite 202.