Mar 2017

Simple Tips to Make Your Meetings More Productive – Erica Mastropierro, Account Executive

As an Account Director, I’m in and out of meetings all day and it’s sometimes hard to keep up. To ensure meetings are productive, I like to start each one by outlining what needs to be accomplished. This can be achieved by reviewing the agenda, if there is one, or by simply explaining to the participants the goal of the meeting and expected outcomes.

During the meeting, I take copious notes. I prefer to handwrite my notes for a few reasons:

  1. I can write faster than I can type and I’ve developed my own shorthand.
  2. I’m able to remember more of what was discussed in the meeting because I’m not focused on fixing typos or hitting enter which I instinctively do when typing.
  3. My notes aren’t always in logical order and I like to draw arrows and lines or make stars next to important facts or details.
  4. I also find that sitting behind a screen creates separation from the group and the clicking sound of a keyboard is distracting.

I end meetings with a quick overview of what was discussed and any next steps. I then type up the meetings notes – I suggest doing this as soon as possible so you can use your local memory – and deliver them to each participant.

Staying organized is very important if you are managing multiple projects with various milestones and deliverables. It’s also just as important, or maybe even more so, to keep everyone “singing out of the same hymn book” so miscommunication or confusion derailing the process or negatively affecting internal or external relationships is mitigated.

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