Strategic Associations

Red Letter enjoys several strategic alliances that serve to enhance and deepen services to clients. In addition to long-standing relationships with specialized production and media companies, the relationships below are important and proven resources that provide excellent opportunities for collaboration. 

PowerChord’s online brand management system and solutions help clients command first position in local search and deliver a world-class online customer experience. The PowerChord System is especially effective for manufacturers who sell through independent retail channels.  

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Sales Force Marketing Cloud is the leading 1:1 digital marketing platform, connecting companies with customers in entirely new ways. Its family of products bring data and marketing together to help manage digital communication across marketing, sales and service. By combining multiple data sources into individual customer records, customer interactions can be used as triggers to personalize and optimize marketing messages along the customer journey.

Strategic Toolbox is a resource for results-oriented marketing research and data interpretation. Through a combination of creativity, strategic thinking and data insight, Strategic Toolbox helps uncover solutions in reams of data in order to tap into the best thinking.