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March 30, 2018

Must Have “I” for Quality – Krista Kluesner, Quality and Compliance Director

I ran into a college art professor friend of mine at 6:58 one evening outside of FedEx. 7:00 was closing time. I was rushing to meet a work deadline. He was anxiously preparing to send in an original design to a national poster competition that represented a cause he was very passionate about. The deadline was the very next day. No time to mess around. His excitement took over and he just HAD to show me. As he delicately pulled it from its sleeve, the joy and pride that illuminated his face caused him to glow from the depths of his very being. The design was knock-your-socks-off fabulous! The message was inspirational. The colors – dramatic. Instantly, I knew it was a winner. It drew me in. I was enamored by how he captured the essence of the theme. It did something to me.

And there it was. The balloon popped. All excitement escaped. A TYPO.

As QC director of a full-service ad agency, I know that every communication, design piece, video, or digital masterpiece we produce would be a disservice to our clients if it wasn’t done with an “I” on quality work at each level of the process. From accuracy in vocabulary and spelling to legal compliance issues and everything in between, each and every Red Letter employee is considered to be a Quality and Compliance team member.

No matter what industry we work in, no matter how capable we are at our professions, one thing remains true: Quality work gets noticed, but a single mistake can spoil the soup. It is with great privilege that we get to be our clients’ voice to the public. We represent their livelihoods as well as our own. And we will continue to have an “I” out for their best interests.

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