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Spreading awareness with color



Saint Francis Healthcare System Cancer Prevention

Saint Francis Healthcare System wanted to strengthen and refresh their annual Pink Up™ campaign to bring awareness to the top four cancers in our region.


Pink to represent breast cancer is well established, and the efforts of Pink Up™ are known throughout the local community. Red Letter was tasked with finding a way to increase awareness of the top four cancers in our region breast, prostate, lung and colon into the Pink Up™ campaign.

Strategy and Solution

Pink Means Prevention. Red Letter, in collaboration with Saint Francis Healthcare System, threw everything they had at cancer awareness in a fun and refreshing way by launching colored powder over Saint Francis colleagues and cancer survivors alike in beautiful slow motion. The participants were more than willing to be covered head-to-toe in color for the cause. Each color represented the type of cancer.

Statement made

“Pink Means Prevention” helped solidify Saint Francis’ position as an advocate for cancer prevention and remind people to get screened for multiple types of cancer. This campaign also earned Red Letter three awards at the 2020 American Advertising Awards.

Coloring outside the lines

The unique imagery created by Red Letter stood out in a variety of digital, print and video assets. The campaign reach was extended through collaboration with the team at Saint Francis.

A look behind the scenes

By shooting powder throws with a Phantom camera that captures video at 1,000 frames per second, or more than 40 times slower than real time, a colorful mess became true art.

Hitting the right tone

A hyper-local campaign to set the record straight for NewWave.

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