1610 N. Kingshighway St. Suite 202 Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

Small teams are fast. Fast is relentless.

Where We've Been

Our Vision


We work in small teams. Our goal isn't just to produce something for us, but to create work that meets your goals.


Don't sweat the small stuff? Sorry, but we do — because we know the small things add up to big things. Whether it's a single ad or a full campaign, our work is always created with your objectives in mind.


Sometimes we get a little loud. We stay after hours and we stay up late. We might occasionally argue amongst ourselves, but it all comes back to the relentless passion we have for our clients.


Great work gets you in the door. Strong relationships built on mutual respect and continued success keep you in the building. We've survived and thrived for nearly two decades by delivering both.

Meet the Team

This is a talented team of diverse ideators, facilitators and more. Use the filters to learn about a few of our quirks.

54 team members

Holly Godwin

Resource Coordinator

Grace Bennett

Art Director

Demi Sanders

JR Digital Designer

Seth Sherman

Associate Creative Director

Carrie Walker

Content Strategist | Copywriter

Whitney Tapley

Digital Designer

Jennifer Birk

Traffic and Digital Assets Manager

Sami Schulte

Account Manager Assistant

Holly Dirnberger

Art Director/Photographer

Jaimee Holland

Insights Strategist

Anthony Simmons

SR Copywriter

Erin Ragan


Matt Carter

Project Manager

Sarah DeGroot

Digital Art Director

Jessica Blanton

Web Properties Specialist

Brooke Dohogne-Scherer

Production Artist

Stuart Knowlan

Creative Director

Elizabeth Pekios

Production Manager

Sandy Ross

Art Director

Silvia Kinder

Art Director

Andy Dunaway

Associate Creative Director

Sheila Bizzell

SR Project Manager

Jon Fox

VP, Digital

Bruce Robert


Erica Mastropierro

Account Director

Clay Schermann

VP, Strategy

Trent Summers

VP, General Manager

Kara Grantham

Project Manager

Zach Beal

Account Manager

Mindy Tumminia

Account Assistant

Allen Frye

Director, Technical Services

Rachael Peart

Accounting Manager

Gail Rockett

Office Administrator

Kristen Boren

Video Production Coordinator

Sabrina Tucker

Email & Digital Marketing Specialist

Sara Bock

Account Director

Catrina Stewart

Production Artist/JR Digital Designer

Oral Friend

Video Editor

Jessie Renick

People and Culture Administrator

Krista Kluesner

Director, Quality and Compliance

Pat Mungle

Traffic Coordinator

Josh Robert

Account Director

Samantha Lang

SR Project Manager

Jennifer Sanders

Project Manager

Ross Tilghman

SR Video Editor

James Riley, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

Crystal Hill

VP, Finance, People & Culture

Lauren Essner

Account Manager

Adam Appleton

SR Copywriter

Erik Mathre

VP, Executive Creative Director

Zelda Hickson

Motion Graphics Editor

Steffie Duncan

Account Director

Tom Carroll

Account Manager

Drew Wright

Director, Video Services

Culture & Perks

Work Flexibility

We’re proud of our Mississippi River town of Cape Girardeau. Naturally, that means encouraging all of us to make any space be their workplace.

Full Benefits Package

We offer a 401(k) plan, paid vacations, medical, along with a unique benefit: working with our founder Jim Riley. His enthusiasm is always high and his well for ideas never empty.

Equipment and Resources

Yes, we offer the latest hardware and software for staff, and technology tools like Marketing Cloud for clients. Most importantly, we have the people who know how to use them.


For our employees, these are monthly. For our clients, they’re here whenever you need them.

Free Eats and Drinks

While we’re always hungry for great ideas, collaborating means never being hangry among ourselves.

Company-Wide Celebrations

Whether it’s a red shoe Tuesday or cult movie in our own big screen theater, we play as hard as we work.

Want to become a part of our team?

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