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Creating ownable space in a crowded category



Vexus Fiber Brand Rollout

An evolving company needed to stand out in a crowd of high-speed internet service providers – by name and by practice.


In a category saturated with big and small players, customers were expressing their desire for a better choice when it comes to service providers – one that considered their unique needs and worked to address them through enhanced service options and dedicated, accessible support.

Strategy and Solution

Red Letter developed a completely new brand identity and targeted communications to transform the company formally known as NTS into the fresh, engaging and forward-thinking brand Vexus. This new brand invites customers to Discover Different by experiencing a different kind of company committed to investing in communities that have been traditionally underserved by carriers.

Service provider, redefined

Bright, impactful colors and motion trails in campaign materials helped set Vexus apart and communicate moving forward to better serve customers and communities. Discover Different invited customers to examine their options and opportunities by exploring new offers, expanded services and taking advantage of increased customer support.

A brand always in motion

Our tagline, Discover Different, announced the birth of a telecom brand that is independent and innovative. The Vexus graphic identity includes a motion trail to represent the momentum the brand brings to its customers.

Connecting consumers to dealers

With over 9,000 dealers nationwide, our locator tool allows customers to find the one that meets their unique needs.

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