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Vast Broadband launched in the spring of 2015. In the summer of 2014, Red Letter met with Vast (then Clarity Communications) and began work on a branding and launch campaign. The website strategy, UX user experience design and development occurred in parallel to other brand work, ensuring every aspect of the website would meet strategy, sales and messaging goals.

Design + Development

Once the brand was approved, Red Letter developed a Brand Standards Guide that served as the basis of all web design elements. The site was also designed to be responsive across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. As a tech company, Vast needed to be presented as leading edge and innovative, which the modular site design helps accomplish.

Due to the site’s responsive nature, breakpoints for desktop, tablet and mobile devices had to be considered. After the initial development was completed, a thorough quality assurance testing period was required. During QAT, the site was tested on all major browsers on different devices from Red Letter’s Device Lab. The Red Letter Device Lab allowed testing on all major platforms including iOS, Android and Windows devices. Integrations with Vast’s sales and customer support teams were finalized and tested during the development phase. An online order mechanism was put in place as well as a live chat integration, which allows existing and non customers to contact the Vast support staff.

Measurement launched on schedule and on budget. The launch was accompanied by an advertising campaign that launched the new Vast brand. The website performed well and continues to serve as a great conversion tool for new Vast signups.

Red Letter monitors website trends and traffic through Google Analytics to determine how the site’s content and functionality should grow and change. Once we identify trends and areas of interest, we will offer recommendations for future optimization and feature set upgrades (i.e. online appointment/service scheduling).

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