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Defining the advantage



Enduraplas Advantage Product Platform

We found a way to bridge the gap between a company that made exceptional products and consumers who demanded superior quality through a reinvention of their site that incorporated a bold message.


Enduraplas is a manufacturer of fuel, fertilizer and water storage tanks. As a relatively new competitor in the market, they were determined to define what made their roto-molded manufacturing process a better option than competitors.

Strategy and Solution

We discovered there was no single magic bullet. Enduraplas did many little things that added up to a much bigger difference. We called it The Enduraplas Advantage. More than a name, it translated what was once technical manufacturing specs into meaningful consumer benefits.

Making the decision easy

Working with Enduraplas engineers, we developed a “Better, Stronger, Longer” support case for their roto-molded manufacturing process.

Web-based product interface

We turned what was once a static-catalog approach into an interactive interface for their primary storage tank lines.

Making the Advantage accessible

A truly responsive experience across all screens and platforms allows Enduraplas to extend their reach and grow their customer base.

A new twist on a holiday classic

Our research revealed that outdoor power equipment isn’t top of mind for gift giving. Our solution: make STIHL tools, wearables and accessories be seen as a fun, welcomed departure from the usual holiday gift idea.

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