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Converting search into store traffic



STIHL Dealer Locator Site

The STIHL audience consists of homeowners, professionals, distributors and individual dealers who sell their products. When creating an online tool to help customers find the right location for their STIHL needs, we partnered with PowerChord's technology platform to increase traffic to over 9,000 individual store sites.


Consumers are finicky — and rightfully so. When your customer base is extraordinarily diverse, that fickle nature is amplified. Some customers just want to find the closest store. Others want the widest selection. Dealers are concerned about where they are listed in relation to their local competitors. It was a tug of war, but solvable. Ultimately, we knew the best path was to create a personalized experience that was all about connecting consumers with the best store for them.

Strategy and Solution

Once we aligned our focus behind how the store locator tool could best serve STIHL customers, we were able to develop a streamlined solution. Leaning heavily on research and testing, we fine-tuned the locator to produce an online tool that did more than just connect consumers to stores but succeeded in increasing traffic and driving business.

One search tool. A range of audiences.


Increase of daily calls and get directions requests over previous design


Increase in daily conversion rates over the previous year

“Testing was crucial to taking our dealer locator to the next level. Getting customers to the information they want quickly is crucial to the success of this application.”

- Brand Communications Manager, Dave Ross

What customers wanted

  • Business name
  • Location Distance
  • Amenities/services offered
  • Hours of operation

An optimized experience

Our search results went further than delivering the nearest address. We furnished details customers told us they wanted most and let them choose the store best for them. Putting customers into the right store ultimately lead to more sales.

Defining the advantage

From a reinvented site to new positioning, we helped consumers discover the advantage of superior engineering and design.

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