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Personifying high-speed internet



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Food…clothing…shelter…broadband. With today’s streaming, sharing, and connected culture, it’s not a big stretch to see that reliable internet has become essential for everyone. Vast Broadband wanted to find a way to distinguish themselves from the many competitors out there.


During the past several years, Vast had opted for a variety of campaign themes – usually changing up imagery and taglines to go along with the seasons. Developing assets for each campaign was not only less efficient and more expensive, it kept the brand from distinguishing itself. Red Letter proposed an ownable approach to be flexible enough to evolve with the brand and various promotions.

Strategy and Solution

Meet Max Vasterson. Red Letter created a high-speed hero who literally personified the ability of Vast Broadband to quickly deliver anything customers wanted and, like the brand, was always in the background, ready to help out in any situation.

Max to the rescue

No matter the situation, a series of videos showed Max quickly coming to the rescue. Max and Vast are all about being superfast.

Meeting Max by Mail

A direct mail piece introduced the audience to the new hero of high-speed internet, with a promotion to kick-start the relationship with the brand.

Going online for more

A new landing page told the backstory of Max and detailed services from Vast.

Standing out on social

Animated posts helped draw the social crowd into the story of Max and led them to the landing page to learn more.

He’s quick to celebrate any event

How fast can you say National Red Day? Targeted social ads tapped into celebrating holidays and events.

Spreading fast vibes everywhere

As a supporter of the Rapid City Rush Hockey team, Max urged fans to make some fast noise.

A new look in sliced bread

We helped Lewis Bakeries develop a new way to share the classic bread loaf with their customers.

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