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Turning the complex into clarity



World Class Industries Creative Platform

Starting with research into current clients and potential prospects, we created a messaging foundation that simplified a complex value proposition into a simpler and relevant one.


WCI—a custom supply and assembly provider—had struggled to convey the strength of their service to prospective clients who already held assumptions about outsourced assembly operations. They were challenged with differentiating themselves and showcasing their white glove integrated strategy that includes parts sourcing, supplier relationships, and assembly services.

Strategy and Solution

We developed a creative platform with commercial insight to provide WCI with conversation-starting content for sales leads. The insight? With changes in the global economy and disruptions of the pandemic, the conventional supply chain no longer exists. Their clients needed more than just labor to outsource and assemble. With the tagline “Putting It All Together,” we created branding and lead generation materials to distinguish WCI from competitors.

Building the foundation

One of the challenges facing WCI is their prospects’ incorrect or incomplete assumptions about what they do. Our research revealed that in the world of assembly, most competitors are on a race to the bottom competing by price and only offering basic assembly services. Our strategy? Position WCI not as an assembly vendor for label, but as a strategic partner for growth.

Conversation-starting insights

Our research revealed that the linear supply chain model is outdated. Product creation is much more complex, requiring multiple systems and interconnected partnerships. WCI stands out in the industry because they reject the traditional price-bidding model and offer value through an integrated approach that includes strategic insights, supply sourcing, and assembly. In this way, WCI leads the way with a new “supply cable” approach.

Putting It All Together

A new tagline, Putting It All Together, emphasized the unique ability of WCI to deliver more holistic solutions rather than just simple assembly. The value of WCI thrives when they are used as a partner, not just a vendor.

A visual message

A dynamic, motion-graphic video based that demonstrates how WCI’s integrated services remove the obstacle of complexity for their client companies to make them stronger and more efficient.

Personal touch

By integrating a personalized letter and brochure (like WCI integrates with its clients), we delivered personalized communications to prospects without having to create unique materials for every situation.

The face of WCI

We made the complex simple with clear branding and messaging for a website that allows potential clients to get an at-a-glance understanding of WCI’s unique offerings.

Tradeshow presence

By developing consistent and portable tradeshow materials, we helped WCI representatives create conversations with potential clients.

“Red Letter is a highly capable firm with demonstrated knowledge and track record of identifying, packaging, and delivering commercial insights. We’ve found Red Letter’s process is helping us better articulate what we do, provides clear differentiation in our messaging, and more effectively positions us to market and sell to the global OEM’s we work with.”

- Ryan, WCI Director of Business Development

A social presence

Unifying their message across all platforms, we created a series of social posts and graphics that allowed WCI to reach beyond its existing lead base.

Life to the Max

We spread the message of Vast Broadband’s incredible services with the help of a dynamic spokesperson.

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