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July 23, 2018

A Serving of Red Letter with a Side of Sauce

Red Letter has launched a new set of core values under the moniker SAUCE. “SAUCE” is an acronym for Service, Attitude, Unity, Creativity and Excellence. The Value Statements were developed by a task force consisting of Jessie Renick, Andy Dunaway, Jon Fox, Crystal Hill, and Allison Page. SAUCE was recently launched at a meeting featuring t-shirts and tennis shoes for the entire staff.

According to Jon Fox, a managing director at Red Letter, “the core values statement affected work, culture and other important aspects of the agency. The values statement was the result of an extensive internal survey, wherein each member of the staff described aspects of Red Letter they felt important.”

Jessie Renick, who helped coordinate the effort, said, “It was important to add an element of fun and flair, and not just come up with a statement that sounded like it could be applied to any company.” Jessie went on to say that a contest is currently being held among the staff to submit ideas to bring the SAUCE theme to life, “so it stays top of mind and eventually becomes visible to clients and vendors.”

Andy Dunaway, Associate Creative Director, was also very pleased with the amount of input received from the staff, and how the Red Letter team appears to be embracing SAUCE. “I think unity is really in play here. We’re a company that is made up of people with diverse talents and, in many ways, there are a lot of opposites here. However, we recognize that when you acknowledge varying opinions, you are usually driven to a better place, and, in our case, better work.”

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