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March 3, 2022

Three Words That Are More Important Than Ever.

Today’s bottlenecks and challenges across the entire supply chain are very real, and in some cases they’re not short term. They’ve required brands to rethink everything from manufacturing to their marketing. There are three words more important than ever for customers— Made In America!

It’s top of mind for consumers who are more curious than ever about product origins.

We relish the opportunity to work with brands that commit to building and promoting products here in the United States. It drives us to develop exceptional marketing communications that culminates with a commitment to the American economy, independent businesses, and workers. By furthering our clients’ connections they have with customers, we are focused on continuing to build brands right here in America.

Here are a few examples:

As a market leader in the handheld outdoor power equipment industry, STIHL has always been synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. We have long touted STIHL’s American-built products and were eager to develop a campaign highlighting their deep American roots. From employing over 2,000 workers at their Virginia Beach factory to exclusively selling their products at 10,000 local STIHL dealerships across the country, the story of STIHL and America is a rich one.



For over 25 years, SnowWolf has manufactured elite-level snow plow equipment. In 2021, they took what was already an exceptional brand and product and raised the bar. They launched their Freedom Series of snow plows, Built in America, that honor those who have and continue to serve our country. With their rugged construction and custom flag design, these plows stand out in quality and appearance. And each order helps combat veterans and their families through Flags of Valor.

Freedom Plows


At Red Letter, our mission is simple: “To relentlessly grow the connections customers have with our clients and the affection our clients have for us.” Helping strengthen relationships between our clients and their customers drives us to create remarkable work. We are proud to work with clients that are producing high-quality products right here in America. Their efforts to create products – and jobs – in the USA add fuel to our creative fire. We enjoy the opportunity to produce work that reflects those efforts and continue Building Brands in America.

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