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October 29, 2020

Keys to Durable Goods Marketing

Ever been in a conversation and immediately tune out because the person talking isn’t connecting with you? Odds are high you’ve experienced this. And many consumers experience something similar when they’re bombarded by marketing and advertising from out-of-touch brands.

There’s an ocean of difference between talking at someone and connecting with someone. Connecting with – and talking to – an individual or a group requires effort. It requires insight. It requires quite a bit of know-how and understanding.

Over the last two decades, Red Letter has collaborated with durable goods companies. During that time we’ve developed and launched hundreds of projects and campaigns. Along the way we’ve learned quite a bit about the mindset, behaviors and motivations of a durables consumer.

Here are a few insights and keys:

Red Letter Communications Targets Durables Consumers

These are just a few of the keys and insights we’ve uncovered through our relentless work with leading brands. At Red Letter we gauge our work through the lens of a consumer. More often than not this criteria shapes our work to produce results.

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